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How Important Supply Chain Management is in Modern Businesses

As defined by Tom McGuffog, Supply Chain Management is “Maximizing added value and reducing total cost across the entire trading process through focusing on speed and certainty of response to the market.”

Well, it’s due to globalization, in the present time supply chain management has become a tool for thousands of multinational companies to compete effectively. For the manufacturing industry when it comes to deliver products at a competitive cost and at a higher quality than their competitors. Here, in this article, according to Stephen Soos’s point of view, we will be discussed about some reason why supply chain management has become important to today’s manufacturing industry:-

Stephen Soos thinks that in the recent days supply chain management has allowed business to not just have productivity advantage alone but also on value advantage. You can add more innovation to your product and the process by maximizing added value to them. One thing to mention here, through mass manufacturing you can get productivity advantage but with highly effective supply chain management you can achieve mass customization.

That’s not all; with mass customization your customers are given the value advantage through customized adaptation and flexible manufacturing. Also product life cycles can be improved through proper use of Supply Chain Management. Value advantage also changes the norm of traditional offerings that is ‘one-size-fits-all.’ Through Supply Chain Management, the more accepted offerings by the industry to the consumers would be a variety of products catered to different market segments and customers preferences.


Four Essential Qualities of a Leader

Stephen Soos – One of the essential qualities of a good leader is to be able to provide consistent motivation to his team encouraging them to attain excellence and quality in their performance. A good leader is always thinking of strategies and looking for ways to improve production and quality of the production. Here, in this article, we will be discussing about a few essential management skills that you can develop as a leader in working to create a quality effective team.

1. Observation

The experts say, for a successful leader, observation is the utmost important aspect. Regular visits and observation to the work environment are a priority and should be scheduled into the calendar. Leaders should observe the employees at work, the procedures, interaction and work flow is foundational to implementing adjustments to improve results.

2. Keeping track of the efficiency of the Workers

Employee overall performance must be supervised in mutually approved methods. Guidelines and methods have to be obvious. Conference meetings should be frequently rather than just if you find an issue. Checks as well as critiques really should not be basically all custom or seen an essential documents to be carried out and submitted away. Person and team meeting should be carried out not just to keep track of efficiency, however with the expectancy of ongoing specialist advancement and assistance. There must be repeated support and apparent standards for on-going objectives both for those party and person.

3. Rendering of Specialist Improvement Programs

An excellent boss examines weak points and provides instruction and improvement ways of reinforce the less strong skills within the group.

4. Illustrates Operating Understanding and Skills

Good management comes from a host to powerful experience and knowledge with the manufacturing and procedure resulting in outcomes. If a innovator doesn’t have got all the experience and understanding individually, then typical consultation services along with specialists involved in the sections ought to be presented. This is very important to be able to preserve a precise and knowledgeable overall image.

Good leadership is seen as to be able to make good decisions. A leader considers all the variants of aspects prior to making a decision. Clear firm decisions, mixed with the readiness and versatility to change and adjust choices at the appropriate time, produce self-confidence in the leadership.

Outsourcing will help your Business Come into Limelight and Flourish

Working hard to fulfill business requirement and match up to the price inflation in the market, but still not satisfied with the result? Instead of putting efforts to match price escalation why don’t you think about ways to augment your business? Outsourcing your business can assist in boosting up your trade, if you are not able to manage internal tasks properly.

Outsourcing basically is a process that welcomes the involvement of the third party in an existing, but small business. This technique is very common nowadays, especially for small business owners who are not able to implement their ideas accurately due to the unavailability of resources. Outsourcing for these small business ventures comes like an advantage, which handles many operations of the business at cost effective rates.

Hiring an outsourcing company can be very beneficial as it provides a platform for your business to grow. By outsourcing your business, you mean that you are going to approach outsiders and avail their services and expertise. Services provided by these companies may be related to handling administration, finance, accounts, billing, maintenance, HR, CRM, payroll benefits and many more. All these services will gain you a remarkable advantage as they will not only lessen your burden but will also be economically sound.

Competition is growing at fast pace, so speed with efficiency is very important in order to establish your strong position. If you have an excellent idea but limited resources to execute it then somewhere or the other you will lack in achieving the desired result. This is the time when outsourcing comes in to limelight and gains importance. The company is actually target oriented and works for the satisfaction of the clients. It aims at implementing the strategy within time limit along with greater efficiency. The main objective of outsourcing is to gain maximum output and finally dominate the market in the future. So, by outsourcing your business you are definitely going to give your business a smooth drive.

Stephen Soos is a serial entrepreneur who has set up and run a number of successful businesses in a number of vertical markets. Stephen Soos has successfully held the positions of CEO at Globus Energy and Director at Bonhoeffe. Stephen’s current business, Crystal Medical, is set to become the biggest marketplace in the world for medical equipment.

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Supply Chain Management – A better way to growth with

‘Happy to help you’ – under that line companies use to mention something like –‘if you are not satisfied with this product please write us on the email or please make a call on ‘10000000’. The lines you often see on the back of the packet of the products you buy; whether it is a piece of nice apparel or a pair of footwear or even it is any food item. What do you think – are these only lines written by the company to please their customers or a kind of customer care unit which only accept complains or sometimes take initiatives too?

If you think like this, then needed to change your thoughts a bit! Dear readers, these lines could be an important part of the most significant process of a business called Supply Chain Management. A Supply Chain Management is a long process which has so many steps in order to transform a raw material into the final product. These steps include five stages: plan, develop, make, deliver, and return.

In Supply Chain Management, the first step is known as Planning. This strategy focuses on the importance of the product in order to satisfy its customers. That is how the product meets the customers’ demands.

Then the second stage is called Develop. Under this, a company gives attention on its suppliers who keep on supplying the raw material from which the company makes the goods which are delivered by it. This phase is actually making a good relationship between the company and its raw material suppliers which involves identification of reliable suppliers, transportation the raw material, delivery and payments.

At the third stage Make, the final product is manufactured, tested and packaged. It is the stage where, the plans are made which include how to make the delivery of the final product.

As the name suggests, the forth stage Delivery is all about delivering the final products for customer use.

And then comes the final stage Return where a customer can return back the goods if finds it unsatisfactory. And the introduction you read above is a part of this important stage that is, the company addresses its customer’s questions and complains.

So, the all exercise done by the companies is all about making a good relationship with suppliers and customers, studying the competitors and making the final product more relevant and user-friendly. And finally, daily management of supply chains that could make a company to be more efficient in order to generate more and more business by providing the satisfactory products and maintaining good relationship at both ends-customers and its suppliers.

Stephen Soos is a serial entrepreneur who has set up and run a number of successful businesses in a number of vertical markets. Stephen Soos has successfully held the positions of CEO at Globus Energy and Director at Bonhoeffe. Stephen’s current business, Crystal Medical, is set to become the biggest marketplace in the world for medical equipment.

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